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Episode Archives

Due to the nature of the show, listeners will generally have a better experience when listening to the podcast episodes in sequence as they will have a better understanding of the history of the events and conflicts in the program

Episode Title
Length Size
Richard and John discuss everything from music to money in their debut episode.
40:00 36.6MB
Richard and John discuss everything from politics to poverty, in addition to introducing the new feature "History by the Letters".
49:48 45.5MB
Richard and John Show: Episode Three Richard and John are joined in the studio by Ding Dwang Gwang, a representative of North Korea, who sings a live song about Kim Jong Il. Additionally, a new "Sound of the Week" segment is introduced and History by the Letters returns.
56:11 38.5MB
Richard and John Show: Episode Four Richard and John discuss their financial differences, Ding Dwang's fate, and some recipes sent in by listeners. "History by the Letters" returns and "The Turk" finally joins the show via telephone.
51:24 35.2MB
Richard and John Show: Episode Five Richard and John finally get some answers from "The Turk," who answers questions from Richard and John and their callers via translator. An unfortunate incident tests their abilities to think on their toes.
46:57 32.2MB
Richard and John Show: Episode Six Richard finally manages to move out of the sewer to the surface at the suggestion of a new friend, and the Old Man becomes more aggressive.
40:30 27.8MB
Richard and John Show: Episode Seven Richard finds himself in prison and John finds himself homeless and in debt. John's brother calls in, as do robots from Mars, and fitness advice is offered in "History by the Letters".
49:51 45.6MB
Richard and John Show: Episode Eight Richard's fate is decided, while John gets a promotion at Blockbuster. Robots from Mars call in with another threat and Richard's past comes back to haunt him. Oh, and evil dog scientists.
44:43 40.9MB
Richard and John Show: Episode Nine Richard and John are podcasting from the sewer, Richard's old home, where "The Great War" between humans and crocodiles comes to a head.
55:31 50.8MB
Richard and John Show: Episode Ten Richard and John are held prisoner on the Robots from Mars' space ship, who want their help getting better space ratings
28:31 26.1MB
Richard and John Show: Episode Eleven Richard and John have been sent back in time to the old west, where they mine uranium and drink away their sorrows, until an opportunity to return home arises. 46:44 42.7MB
Richard and John Show: Episode Twelve Richard and John have returned home, but things are different since they altered the timeline. Dinosaurs inhabit Russia, the president is a gas, and there is no record of John's existence 1:02:00 56.7MB
Richard and John Show: Episode Thirteen Richard and John must decide where their allegiances lie when violent revolutionaries attempt to overthrow the United States government. 43:52 40.1MB


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