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The Richard and John Show is an episodic comedy podcast, following Richard Jackson and John Jerk as they host a call-in talk show and deal with their personal and financial problems through debate and violence. Due to the nature of the show, listeners will generally have a better experience when listening to the episodes in sequence as they will have a better understanding of the history of the events and conflicts in the podcast. Unlike some podcasts, the R&J Show is fiction and thus rarely is it “dated”.

To start from the beginning, click "Episode Archives" in the navigation bar to access a full list of episodes to download. If you're up to date and are just looking to hear the latest, see our newest episode below.

Newest Episode

Episode Title
Length Size
Richard and John Show: Episode Thirteen Richard and John must decide where their allegiances lie when violent revolutionaries attempt to overthrow the United States government. 43:52 40.1MB


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